Deer Spotting at Attingham Park

Attingham Park is a great National Trust site to visit, offering a property to visit as well as woodland and a deer park. During my visit I was fortunate enough to see some deer running across the open parkland — however the majority of them remained hidden away.

The woodland offers a quiet and serene walk towards the more open parkland, with tee-lined walkways leading you down the pathway as well as birds perching on tree stumps and trunks. It was particularly nice when I visited as you would see the mix of orange, yellow and green tones.

The open parkland provides a great view across to the mansion as well as a side profile of the autumnal trees. Unfortunately, much of the parkland was closed for the deer, so it would be nice to visit in the summer to see the parkland in its entirety as well as under some blue sky.

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